There comes a time in life when you have to decide where your true motives and priorities are. Priorities are defined by sacrifices. I’m Maximiliam Andersson, a Swedish drummer who moved to Los Angeles, California, to follow my dreams. And now I’m back in Sweden to continue those dreams!

Music has surrounded me ever since I was a kid. When my brother and I started playing music together I realized that it was my main passion in life. Now 15 years later, after having played in numerous bands while studying diverse areas of music, I’ve taken up musicianship as a profession.

Apart from my own drumming, my ambition is to assist up-and-comers. Throughout my education and my performances I’ve gathered experiences and knowledge that I really enjoy sharing with others.

I’m also an active YouTuber. I share drum covers, performances and free drum lessons while hanging out with awesome people online and getting inspired by what others
are doing.

Musicians Institute Faculty Member
• Bachelor of Arts in Audio Engineering and Music Production
• Associate of Arts in Drums at Musicians Institute
• Awarded Outstanding Player 2014 by Musicians Institute
• Experienced live and studio performer
• Local and national media appearances